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NetSarang Xshell 是免费、优秀的 Telnet、Rlogin、SSH、SFTP、Serial 客户端。其特色功能包括标签化管理远程会话、动态端口转发、自定义键盘映射、VB脚本支持、完全的 Unicode 支持等。



  • ADD: ED25519 encryption algorithm
  • MOD: Changed Dialog Window's default font
  • MOD: OpenSSL upgraded to v1.0.2k
  • FIX: Compression does not function if compression options is set to delayed
  • FIX: Unexpected packet 80
  • FIX: "+" character not processed in command line
  • FIX: Internal SFTP command line history support
  • FIX: While in single process mode even if set to open in new window, new session opens in current window
  • FIX: Multipane Full Screen mode unselectable from Context Menu when in Full Screen mode
  • FIX: Find is not applied to other tabs