Xftp 历史版本/旧版本下载

Xftp 6 是 NetSarang 开发的一款强大的 STP 和 FTP 传输工具,软件运行可靠、稳定,并提供了很多便利功能,如文件夹树,可以快速浏览远程目录,让你能够轻松地通过网络传输文件。

Xftp 6

Xftp 新版更新日志:

  • MOD: Randomart is shown completely in the Host Key Security Warning dialog box
  • FIX: Issue with displayed date in certain folders
  • FIX: Opening a session in Xshell forcibly changes the size of an already open window
  • FIX: The 'Open' standard button is disabled even if a folder is selected

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