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SyncBackFree 是一个完全免费的 Windows 备份解决方案,支持备份、同步、镜像三种同步任务。数据无价,务必做好备份。



  • New (Pro): S3 compatibility support for Oracle Cloud.
  • New (Pro): Option to record files that could not be retrieved because they are in cold storage as warnings instead of errors.
  • New: Can choose not to copy reparse (Junction) point files (these are often symbolic links on Windows Subsystem for Linux).
  • New: Option to record files that could not be copied because they are locked (open) as warnings instead of errors.
  • New: -vgn command line parameter to run a profile as part of a group (so the group variables can be used by the profile).
  • Updated (Pro): With SFTP keyboard authentication, all SFTP engines will default to using SFTP password if user cannot be prompted.
  • Updated (Pro): S3 endpoints.
  • Updated: On Differences window, the pop-up menu now lets you choose an action even if it does not apply to all selected items.
  • Updated: When filters are changed there are now fewer prompts to change existing file and folder selections to match new filters.
  • Updated: SmartFTP is deprecated and will be removed in future versions.
  • Updated: OpenSSL libraries.
  • Fixed (Pro/SE 64-bit): The installer was not detecting if SyncBackPro/SE was running.
  • Fixed: If the source or destination path is a symbolic link to a UNC path then it may fail.
  • Fixed: When using multi-zip it would record missing files as errors even when configured to record them as warnings.

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SyncBackFree 历史版本列表:

  1. SyncBackFree 绿色版 (更新时间: 2020年7月4日)
  2. SyncBackFree 绿色版 (更新时间: 2020年5月13日)
  3. SyncBackFree 绿色版 (更新时间: 2020年4月13日)
  4. SyncBackFree 绿色版 (更新时间: 2020年3月19日)
  5. SyncBackFree 绿色版 (更新时间: 2020年3月3日)
  6. SyncBackFree 绿色版 (更新时间: 2020年2月26日)