3D屏保:Sea Voyage 3D Screensaver绿色版

3D屏保:Sea Voyage 3D Screensaver绿色版

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Sea Voyage 3D Screensaver是一个以著名的帆船维多利亚号为主题的屏保程序。维多利亚号是第一艘完成了环球航行(1519-1522年)的船只,是费尔南多·麦哲伦船队五条船中的幸存者,证明了公元前3世纪希腊天文学家厄拉多塞根据推理所断定的航海的含义。

Sea Voyage 3D Screensaver为全3D环境,具有高质量的动画和彩色效果,刻画了麦哲伦船队中兼具力量与美观的大帆船,并带有数字时钟,它对系统配置要求比较高,否则画面会较卡。


Take a legendary voyage around the world on Magellan’s famous galleon - the Victoria. Back in the 16th century she became the first ship to circumnavigate the globe. Watch how fearlessly the carrack glides over the waters of the boundless ocean.

Sea Voyage 3D Screensaver

Feel the cool breeze playing with its sails and listen to the waves breaking over this magnificent vessel. Captivating music together with a truly colorful setting will make your trip unforgettable.

    *  Full 3D environment
    *  High-quality animation
    *  Truly colorful graphics
    *  Magellan’s famous galleon in all of its might and beauty
    *  Digital Clock
    *  Synchronization of daytime and nighttime scenes.


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