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QTranslate 是一个轻量级的免费电子词典,通过集成各大在线翻译引擎实现便捷的实时翻译。QTranslate 帮助你更好地利用在线翻译工具。



  • New: Microsoft translation API
  • New: High-DPI support in Windows XP / Vista / 7
  • New: Khmer, Telugu languages
  • New: Hebrew, Vietnamese localizations
  • New: Arabic, Bulgarian, and Croatian OCR languages
  • New: F11 turns on/off main/dictionary window full-screen mode
  • Fixed: Youdao service
  • Fixed: Czech OCR language
  • Fixed: Urban dictionary
  • Fixed: "Click on system icon switches mouse mode" option doesn't work in "Enabled for these programs" mode
  • Improved: Translation history is auto-saved every 3 minutes
  • Updated: RichEdit control from RichEdit20W to RichEdit50W