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PDFMate PDF Converter Free 是一款完全免费的 PDF 转换工具,有着精美、简易的界面,可轻松将 PDF 文件快速转换为 EPUB、Text、HTML、SWF 及各类图片格式等。

PDFMate Free PDF Converter Portable


  1. Fix the issue of failing to add files in large size;
  2. Fix the issue that certain scanned PDF files rotate 180 degrees after being password-protected;
  3. Fix some minor bugs;
  4. Support Finnish;
  5. Add the function to create PDF with DOC/EXCEL/PPT files;
  6. Fix the issue of failing to open certain converted EPUB files;
  7. Fix the issue of failing to read certain merged files with Adobe Reader;
  8. Strengthen the effectiveness of password-protected files with Windows 10 MS Edge.