Morpheus Photo Morpher绿色版:图像渐变工具

Morpheus Photo Morpher绿色版:图像渐变工具

Morpheus Photo Morpher是将一张图片变形转换至另一图片的图形渐变工具



Create your very own photo effects from your home PC and amaze your friends and loved ones!

All you need is two digital photos and Morpheus Photo Morpher. The latest version lets you upload animations from inside the software to popular sites like PhotoBucket, as well as post your animation directly to Morpheus Galleries, the Morpheus Software social network.

Morpheus Photo Morpher

Morpheus Galleries lets users view and share animations created by other users, rate animations, and add their own comments to each animation. You can also post your animations directly to Facebook and MySpace with the click of a button!


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