MailStore Home 便携版 - 强大的免费邮件备份工具

MailStore Home 便携版 - 强大的免费邮件备份工具

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MailStore Home爱优软推荐的一款免费、无敌邮件备份工具,它提供了强大的邮件存档与备份功能,可以将各类电子邮箱、邮件客户端或邮件文章的邮件存档、备份到本地同一个地方,有备无患,并提供了灵活的管理方式(搜索、导出)等,支持 Gmail、IMAP 或 POP3 邮箱。

MailStore 支持备份的邮件来源包括:

  • 电子邮件帐户:如 Gmail、QQ邮箱、Office 365 或任意支持 IMAP 或 POP3 协议的邮箱;
  • 电子邮件客户端:包括 Outlook、Windows Mail、Live Mail、Thunderbird、SeaMonkey 等,可一键导入邮件数据;
  • 电子邮件文件:包括 EML、MSG 以及 MBOX 文件。

MailStore Home

注意备份 Gmail 前需要先启用 IMAP 访问,从 [设置->转发和 POP/IMAP] 中启用 IMAP,配置好后可选择是否排除相关文件夹或子文件夹(标签),或设置仅存档某一时间段内的邮件。

对于已存档好的邮件,MailStore 提供了与原始邮件相同的浏览模式,这样就有比较好的浏览体验。另外也提供了强大的本地邮件搜索功能,支持通配符与高级搜索参数,如主题、发件人/收件人、附件、大小、优先级等,并可创建与 FoxmailOpera Mail 一样的搜索文件夹

MailStore Home

使用说明:这是官方提供的便携版,对个人用户完全免费,直接运行 MailStoreHomePortable.exe 即可,2013/8/28 更新版本为 MailStore Home。默认显示简体中文界面,所有数据都保存到 Data 文件夹中,完全便携化。

MailStore Home

MailStore Home is a Free email archiving and email backup software for home users. With MailStore Home you can backup all emails in a central archive, even if they are distributed across different computers, programs or mailboxes.

MailStore Home 8.1.0 更新日志

  1. Improved: It is now possible to use regular expressions in the folder include and exclude lists, making the folder selection much more flexible. Simply prepend the regex to include or exclude with || (case-sensitive) or |i| (case-insensitive).
  2. Improved: Exchange Server: MailStore now comes with a global option to skip messages which are marked as infected (disabled by default), rather than to write an error to the archiving report
  3. Improved: Better error handling for broken messages in MAPI format (Outlook MSG)
  4. Improved: Workaround for a bug in Gmail that causes the IMAP PERMANENTFLAGS to contain invalid characters
  5. Improved: The "verify" maintenance command now writes more detailled error information
  6. Fixed: Exchange Server: Some item-level errors in Exchange Web Services (e.g. "ErrorVirusDetected") may cause the archiver to skip the remaining messages in the folder
  7. Fixed: An error message is shown when cancelling the deletion of a large folder
  8. Fixed: MailStore Home uninstallation fails if a language other than English or German is selected
  9. Fixed: Folder names are not shown correctly in several titles of MailStore if they contain an ampersand (&)

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