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LightBulb 是一款护眼工具,它可以调节屏幕色温,减少显示器的蓝光输出,达到护眼效果,是 f.lux 的开源替代软件。

LightBulb 护眼软件

LightBulb Portable 新版更新日志:

  • Fixed an error that would prevent some users from retrieving correct geoinfo
  • Fixed timers not triggering if they have overlapping intervals
  • Fixed typos in setting names in config file that correspond to update checking
  • Fixed config file being saved in unrecognized encoding
  • Fixed users being able to use Enter, Space or Tab as a hotkey without modifiers.
  • Implement periodical autosaving for settings instead of relying on saving on exit.
  • Fixed Windows 8 start menu getting recognized as a full screen application.
  • Make early transitions (night to day) start at sunrise instead of ending at sunrise.