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HelpNDoc 是一个强大的帮助文件制作工具,使用 Ribbon 风格界面,可以轻松制作帮助文件或电子书,并发布为 CHM、Web、PDF、Word、EPUB、Kindle Ebook 等格式。



  1. New BarCode library item: create and customize EAN-8, EAN-13, MSI, QR Codes... and place them within your topics
  2. Project analyzer now lists all anchors defined within the project and provides a way to rapidly locate them
  3. Project analyzer reports the number of anchors and Barcodes used throughout the project
  4. Inserting new library items using the "Insert" ribbon tab, placed them at the start of the topic instead of the cursor position
  5. Picture properties (Alt text, size, position...) were not always updated when selecting pictures in the topic editor
  6. Picture format and table layout ribbon tabs now keep focus when selecting images or tables in various parts of a topic (e.g. moving in, out and between table cells...)
  7. Command line interface didn't always work when selecting builds by name as part of the following options: -except; -only; -output; -status; -tags; -template
  8. Overriding output path from the command line could fail for some documentation formats when using relative paths
  9. Focusing topics in the table of contents could be slow for large projects
  10. Fixed incorrect column width saving for some projects for Word and PDF documentation format
  11. Changing URL of "URL topics" or File path of "External file" topics could cause exceptions
  12. Optimized and removed flicker of "Picture Tools" and "Table Tools" ribbon groups when moving the cursor in various parts of a topic
  13. Fixed memory leaks when importing CHM help files which could produce "Out of Memory" errors when importing large files
  14. Resized images could be distorted when exported to PDF
  15. Faster import of large CHM help files
  16. Improved HTML and RTF/Doc/DocX importers
  17. Various user interface tweaks, fixes and enhancements, including for High DPI screens


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HelpNDoc 历史版本列表:

  1. HelpNDoc 绿色版 (更新时间: 2020年5月6日)
  2. HelpNDoc 绿色版 (更新时间: 2020年3月11日)
  3. HelpNDoc 绿色版 (更新时间: 2020年2月4日)
  4. HelpNDoc 绿色版 (更新时间: 2019年3月9日)
  5. HelpNDoc 绿色版 (更新时间: 2019年3月3日)
  6. HelpNDoc 绿色版 (更新时间: 2017年4月26日)
  7. HelpNDoc 绿色版 (更新时间: 2013年6月6日)
  8. HelpNDoc 绿色版 (更新时间: 2013年6月6日)