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HelpNDoc 是一个强大的帮助文件制作工具,使用 Ribbon 风格界面,可以轻松制作帮助文件或电子书,并发布为 CHM、Web、PDF、Word、EPUB、Kindle Ebook 等格式。



  1. It is now possible to directly import CHM help files' HHP source projects
  2. Options dialog now includes a keyboard shortcut editor to simplify the definition of some commonly used keyboard shortcuts
  3. The following styles keyboard shortcuts are now customizable: use normal style, promote or demote paragraph, apply heading 1 to 3
  4. Ability to reset any part of the application settings from the "File" / "Options" dialog: General settings, compilers, UI, custom folders, keyboard shortcuts...
  5. The floating license server is now available for x64 and ARM64 versions of Windows, in addition to the existing x86 version
  6. Image width and height ribbon edit fields didn't always behave properly
  7. When converting an image map to an image and vice-versa, the library item wasn't updated in all topics
  8. Improved CHM help importer: handle additional edge cases to make sure that links between topics are correctly imported
  9. Customized image alignment didn't always work using the default HTML template
  10. Multiple enhancements to license management system: improved network card detection; better proxy support; optimizations and fixes
  11. Enhanced speed of the CHM importer
  12. Improved table saving in RTF documents
  13. Topic properties panel's size, position and visibility didn't always behave correctly
  14. Optimized find / replace action which is now faster when replacing multiple instances in the same topics
  15. Enhanced HTML import: paragraphs with IDs will automatically create anchors


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HelpNDoc 历史版本列表:

  1. HelpNDoc 绿色版 (更新时间: 2020年3月11日)
  2. HelpNDoc 绿色版 (更新时间: 2020年2月4日)
  3. HelpNDoc 绿色版 (更新时间: 2019年3月9日)
  4. HelpNDoc 绿色版 (更新时间: 2019年3月3日)
  5. HelpNDoc 绿色版 (更新时间: 2017年4月26日)
  6. HelpNDoc 绿色版 (更新时间: 2013年6月6日)
  7. HelpNDoc 绿色版 (更新时间: 2013年6月6日)