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HelpNDoc 是一个强大的帮助文件制作工具,对个人完全免费,使用 Ribbon 风格界面,可以轻松制作帮助文件或电子书,并发布为 CHM、Web、PDF、Word、EPUB、Kindle Ebook 等格式。



  1. Project settings (title, default topic, author, date/time format...) can now be overridden for each build
  2. HTTP Web Server can now be launched at any location from the Tools ribbon tab
  3. It is now possible to specify the default listening port of the HTTP Web Server instead of the default 8080
  4. Pasting topics with hyperlinks to children topics now correctly restore those hyperlinks
  5. Hyperlinks to files were not always working properly using the default HTML template
  6. Hyperlinks to _blank URLs didn't always work property in the default HTML template
  7. Custom and hidden headers / footers were not correctly exported in default HTML template
  8. Hiding the navigation arrows in the default HTML template could produce incorrect HTML code
  9. Default HTML template will not try to request debug map files anymore
  10. Anchors with space didn't work correctly in responsive HTML template
  11. Numbering as text didn't work in CHM / HTML templates anymore
  12. HTTP Web Server's error pages are more useful: 404 error pages will list available HTML files
  13. HTML library items with Unicode content could be corrupted when exported to HTML based documentation formats
  14. Empty topics were not listed in Word / PDF table of contents anymore
  15. Topic visibility wasn't updated in table of contents' popup
  16. RSS feed display didn't include new version notification anymore
  17. Project settings better scales for smaller window sizes
  18. Script editor now always stays on top of HelpNDoc's main window
  19. Using the "Vacuum project" command will prompt before starting and confirm after successful completion
  20. Resetting the project's date/time format will ask confirmation first
  21. Fixed some memory leaks