FastStone Capture 所有版本下载

FastStone Capture 是一款极其优秀好用的屏幕截图软件,具有体积小巧、功能强大、操作简便等优点,具有体积小巧、功能强大、操作简便等优点,其方便的浮动工具条和便捷的快捷键堪称完美结合。

FastStone Capture


  • Added support for high-DPI/high-resolution/4K monitors
  • Added a tool called Screen Focus, which helps you stay focused on the task under the mouse pointer by dimming the rest of the screen
  • Added an option to show file names to the output of the "Join Images Side by Side" tool
  • Added "Adjust Lighting" to the Colors menu
  • Enhanced the Resize tool so you can resize the image based on pixels or percentage
  • Enhanced the Screen Color Picker
  • Enhanced the "Acquire Images from Scanner" tool by allowing you to adjust the colors and lighting of scanned images

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