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Everything 是目前速度最快的文件名搜索工具,可以极速搜索、瞬间定位文件,在输入搜索词时即时显示匹配结果,是每一个用户都需要安装的效率工具。


Everything Portable


  • Added .jpeg extension to the image information search functions.
  • Added support for cluster sizes larger than 64k.
  • Added preview_context ini setting.
  • updated localization
  • Fixed a crash when clearing search history.
  • Fixed a security issue when running a FTP server.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Everything from closing when pressing ESC
  • Fixed an issue where Everything would lose the current sort after reindexing.
  • Fixed an issue when using invalid characters to rename a file.
  • Fixed a crash when rendering tall or wide images.
  • Fixed an issue when shutting down Everything would cause it to miss changes.
  • Fixed a memory alignment issue.
  • Fixed database corruption when renaming a folder when folder size indexing is enabled or when there is a folder exclude.
  • Fixed an issue with circular NTFS/ReFS folder parents.

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