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您即将下载的软件是 PE Anatomist (105.29 KB): 一款免费的 PE 文件数据结构分析工具,用于查看 PE 可行性文件的数据结构,并做一定的数据分析。

为确保软件能正常运行,请下载压缩包后使用最新版 7-ZipWinRAR 解压后再运行或安装。如果 PE Anatomist 有了新版本,烦请联系我们,我们将及时更新。

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PE Anatomist 更新日志:

  1. Fixed the error in determining the minor version of VS 2017-2019 when decoding the Rich signature (regression 0.1.13 and 0.1.14)
  2. Fixed decoding of RT_STRING resources in the presence of incorrect data
  3. Added tab with detailed description of PE resource headers
  4. Resource tab redone to list without grouping by resource type
  5. Fixed sorting of the list of resources
  6. The procedure for parsing the resource directory has been changed, new criteria for data correctness have been added
  7. Fixed processing of the settings file during the first launch of the program
  8. Corrected the behavior of the COFF character parser in the presence of incorrect info about long symbol names
  9. Fixed the bug of constructing the context menu for listview in virtual mode
  10. Fixed saving the selected file type filter in the "Open file" dialog
  11. Fixed incorrect recognition of UTF16 lines in rare cases
  12. Added page of detected ANSI and UTF16 lines in PE file
  13. Added CodeView Debug Info parsing for OBJ files
  14. Added CodeView Debug Symbols parsing for OBJ files
  15. Added parsing of CodeView Types for OBJ files
  16. Added parsing of new CodeView Debug Symbol records up to S_REGREL32_INDIR_ENCTMP inclusive
  17. Added parsing of new CodeView Type leafs up to and including LF_INTERFACE2
  18. Added parsing of type information in OBJ files compiled by MSVC with the /GL flag or others in MS ILStore format