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您即将下载的软件是 Notepad3 5.20.722.1 (32位版) (1.27 MB): 一款轻量级、支持支持语法高亮的文本、代码编辑器,它功能丰富同时体积小巧、运行快速,可用来替换 Windows 系统的默认记事本程序。

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Notepad3 5.20.722.1 (32位版) 更新日志:

  1. grepWinNP3: export search results (GRE).
  2. changed grepWinNP3 icon (GRE).
  3. Add Toolbar icon for grepWinNP3.
  4. Configurable Zoom-Tooltip display timeout ([Settings2] ZoomTooltipTimeout=3200).
  5. Add Install/Remove “Open with Notepad3” to Notepad3 Setup/Installer (SUP).
  6. Add additional Dark Theme “Sombra”.
  7. Strip first char: allow multi-selection.
  8. Open default browser while clicking tooltip (hovering hyperlink).
  9. Regex multi-select feature.
  10. Toolbar hot-button if view is zoomed (<>100%).
  11. Call-Back Notepad3 (from grepWinNP3) with case-sensitive and dot-match-all flag (if applicable).
  12. Add “Overlapping Search” in Find/Replace dialog window.
  13. Integration of external Search-In-Files tool named “grepWinNP3” (GRE).