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您即将下载的软件是 HelpNDoc (22.95 MB): 免费的帮助文件和电子书制作工具,可以轻松制作帮助文件或电子书,并发布为多种电子书格式 (CHM/PDF/EPUB)。

为确保软件能正常运行,请下载压缩包后使用最新版 7-ZipWinRAR 解压后再运行或安装。如果 HelpNDoc 有了新版本,烦请联系我们,我们将及时更新。

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HelpNDoc 更新日志:

  1. Automatic generation of customizable YouTube and Vimeo embed codes when entering a video URL of those services
  2. Documentation generation dialog now warns before starting generation if the output directory doesn't exist or isn't writable
  3. Report template editor's table of contents preview and editor could display page size in the next line instead of same line as title
  4. Project analyzer always reported zero words count
  5. Word document page size was not correct when exported on a high DPI screen
  6. When pictures were too large to fit in the PDF document, they were not correctly resized on high DPI screens
  7. PDF generation is more consistent when generated on different DPI screens
  8. Table of contents pages could be displayed on the next line for PDF documents generated on high DPI screens
  9. Enhanced Word document's table of contents page number estimation
  10. Adding a right indent to table of contents entries displayed the page number on the next line in PDF documents
  11. Right indent in table of contents entries was discarded in generated Word documentation
  12. Improved CHM importer: links to HTML files placed in sub-folders were not correctly imported
  13. Picture width and height ribbon fields were not always correctly updated when pictures were resized