免费下载 ActivePresenter 8.1.1 绿色版

您即将下载的软件是 ActivePresenter 8.1.1 (50.64 MB): 一款功能强大的免费屏幕录像与视频编辑软件,你可以利用 ActivePresenter 制作各类教学、培训视频、PPT 课件、微课视频或者交互式练习、测验等,而且导出视频格式无水印。

为确保软件能正常运行,请下载压缩包后使用最新版 7-ZipWinRAR 解压后再运行或安装。如果 ActivePresenter 有了新版本,烦请联系我们,我们将及时更新。

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ActivePresenter 8.1.1 更新日志:

  1. Fixed: [HTML5]: Default output location is incorrect.
  2. Publish to Moodle LMS.
  3. Text to Speech: Intergrate Amazon Polly, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure cloud voices.
  4. Hotspot: Added the option to limit the number of touches and support other event types.
  5. Support Italian for user interface.
  6. The Accept List of Drag-n-Drop question is not correct when copying.
  7. Events from theme are not reused when creating project.
  8. Scrollbar in Timeline works incorrectly in large zoom scale.
  9. Can not import some SVG files after switching UI to some languages.
  10. Video blur effect is not accurate in small time scale.
  11. [Import PPT]: Placeholder positions are not correct when changing theme.
  12. [Export Video]: Format is changed if entering file name without extension.
  13. [Recording]: Direct3D recording option doesn't work with AMD graphics cards.
  14. [Recording]: Some webcam issues.