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Xshell 6 6.0.0115 更新日志

  1. ADD: Support for ChaCha20-Poly1305 cipher
  2. ADD: Ability to synchronize session and host name when creating or editing a session
  3. ADD: Added key mappings to enable/disable "Send Key Input to All Sessions" for the current tab
  4. ADD: Can deselect current Highlight set
  5. MOD: Can choose whether or not to save when creating instant tunneling
  6. FIX: A session's command prompt string is displayed after exiting to the Local Shell
  7. FIX: Background color of highlights being applied incorrectly
  8. FIX: CLS (Clear Screen) command not working in the Local Shell
  9. FIX: Calling Xshell from the Local Shell initializes a previous version
  10. FIX: Changes to the VT mode option not sticking when editing multiple sessions
  11. FIX: Crash when creating a private key in some languages.