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您即将下载软件 EmEditor 13.0.6 (64-bit) (5.38 MB): 专业而强大的文本编辑器,以运行轻巧、敏捷而又功能强大、丰富著称,可谓轻量、可扩展、易于使用,可作为替代记事本的优秀编辑器。

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EmEditor 13.0.6 (64-bit) 更新日志:

  1. Fixed the bug where the "Wrap by" mode might not be changed correctly if multiple documents with different configurations are opened.
  2. Fixed the bug where EmEditor might crash when editing a snippet in the Snippets plug-in while a window is split.
  3. Fixed the bug where the Edit command of a snippet didn’t work after the Close without Save is used.
  4. Fixed other bugs.