Process Lasso

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您即将下载软件 Process Lasso (32位版) (1.10 MB): 一款有效的系统性能实时优化工具,通过自动、动态调整进程的优先级和 CPU 亲和力,保持系统快速响应,有效避免系统假死、停止响应、持续占用 CPU 等不正常情况,从而明显提升系统性能,提高系统稳定性。

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Process Lasso (32位版) 更新日志:

  1. New flat file log format that improves the logging performance, particularly noticeable while in the GUI
  2. New log file rotation allows archiving of old log files, improved pruning performance, and faster log load by the GUI since the current log can be smaller
  3. Add distinct polling interval setting for governor and GUI
  4. Enumerate all log entry types
  5. Fix failure to properly manage parking of some power profiles
  6. Fix EnergySaver forced non-idle power profile not switching to that power profile on startup