SecureCRT 7.1.0 Build 244 (32位版/英文版)

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SecureCRT 7.1.0 Build 244 (32位版/英文版) 更新日志:

  1. Added support for the Cursor Horizontal Absolute (CHA) escape code to the VT100 and ANSI emulations.
  2. Added support for extended packets in Kermit, which allows ASCII files to be transferred and improves transfer performance.
  3. Added support for dependent sessions so that a connection can be made to a jump host or SSH gateway before the session is connected.
  4. Added support for the Kermit file transfer protocol. Binary and ASCII transfers are supported.
  5. Added support for SHA1 in RSA signatures, which allows X.509 certificates to be used in FIPS mode and other settings where MD5 cannot be used.
  6. Added a character send delay option to wait for a text prompt.
  7. Added a new logging substitution variable "%P", which inserts the session's port.
  8. Added the ability to copy ANSI text to the clipboard, which allows attributes such as color and font to be preserved on the clipboard.
  9. Added support for sending Xterminal escape sequences for CTRL+arrow keys.
  10. Added the ability to specify ANSI colors for individual sessions in addition to the global option.
  11. Added support for the Wyse label line.