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高质量的开源、多线程视频转码器,能够将常见的视频文件或者 DVD、蓝光视频等转换为高质量的 MP4 或 MKV 文件。为确保软件正常解压运行,请下载文件后使用最新 WinRAR 免费版 解压后再运行或安装。如本软件有了新版本,烦请联系我们,我们将及时更新。

HandBrake 1.1.1 更新日志

  1. Fixed a potential crash in the comb detection filter
  2. Fixed a potential crash in the padding filter
  3. Fixed decoding certain very high bit rate ultra-high definition sources with extra large packets
  4. Fixed last frame in source video missing in output
  5. Fixed crash when decoding an empty audio track
  6. Fixed issues with queue recovery when running multiple HandBrake instances simultaneously
  7. Fixed an issue with a When Done action potentially causing the last queue item to be marked as a warning instead of success
  8. Fixed burn-in behavior with MP4 files; after the first burn-in track, no additional tracks that require burn-in will be added
  9. Improved window resize behavior for Add Selection to Queue dialog and allowed space bar to toggle checkbox for selected row
  10. Improved tabbing behavior in various circumstances
  11. Improved adding a new preset with the same name as an existing user preset; the existing preset will now be updated properly
  12. Improved privacy by adding an option to disable the Summary tab preview image