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软件点评:高质量的开源、多线程视频转码器,能够将常见的视频文件或者 DVD、蓝光视频等转换为高质量的 MP4 或 MKV 文件。为确保软件正常解压运行,请下载文件后使用最新 WinRAR 免费版 解压后再运行或安装。如本软件有了新版本,烦请联系我们,我们将及时更新。


HandBrake 1.0.7 (32位版) 更新日志

  1. Fixed decoding of raw video in Matroska/MKV
  2. Fixed time stamp handling for containerless raw video
  3. Fixed memory leaks in OpenCL
  4. Fixed x265 2-pass encoding where video frame rate is altered by filters
  5. Improved handling of very small amounts of sync jitter (~1 tick)
  6. Improved handling of AVI files with broken indices
  7. Further refined fix for Libav crash encoding AAC at very high bitrates
  8. Removed fontconfig dependency on Mac and Windows; libass now uses CoreText/DirectWrite
  9. Improved subtitle font selection when burning in SRT/SSA subtitles
  10. Fixed preset subtitle burn defaults override
  11. Fixed When Done option not updating/resetting correctly