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使用 Xshell+Xftp 整合版可以在 Xshell 或 Xftp 连接到服务器后,一键调用或切换或到 Xftp 或 Xshell,同时保持会话登录状态,方便以不同方式管理服务。为确保软件正常解压运行,请下载文件后使用最新 WinRAR 免费版 解压后再运行或安装。如本软件有了新版本,烦请联系我们,我们将及时更新。

Xshell+Xftp 整合版 Xshell 5.0.1339+Xftp 5.0.1235 更新日志

  1. Xshell FIX: GSSAPI delegation not functioning
  2. Xshell FIX: xsh.screen.get function error related to multibyte characters
  3. Xshell MOD: Last used password remains available for additional Keyboard Interactive authentications
  4. Xshell FIX: Address bar session connection changes the session file
  5. Xshell FIX: An X11 tunneling attempt occurs before Xmanger starts
  6. Xshell FIX: Format string bug in a session file(KVE-2017-0761)
  7. Xshell FIX: Overflow vulnerability in a session file(KVE-2017-0889)
  8. Xshell FIX: Terminal based SFTP connections cannot be established
  9. Xshell FIX: Xftp window called by Xshell does not open
  10. Xshell ADD: Option to open Xftp in a new window when called from Xshell (set OpenXftpNewWin = 1)
  11. Xshell MOD: Changed web access protocol from HTTP to HTTPS
  12. Xshell FIX: After starting with a saved session layout, always defaults to terminal based SSH connection in local shell
  13. Xshell FIX: Error in printing selected terminal area
  14. Xshell FIX: Error when exporting sessions with a Master Password
  15. Xshell FIX: Keyboard Interactive authorization continuously attempts authorization
  16. Xshell FIX: Tab size does not scale when program is auto-scaled
  17. Xshell FIX: Terminal based connections fail if login has no password
  18. Xshell FIX: Unable to modify short-lengthed Master Password of previous build
  19. Xshell FIX: Xshell unable call a lower version of Xftp
  20. Xshell FIX: Resource cleanup
  21. Xftp FIX: GSSAPI delegation not functioning
  22. FIX: Sessions called by Xshell do not open
  23. Xftp MOD: Changed web access protocol from HTTP to HTTPS
  24. Xftp FIX: Crash when transferring files after opening from address bar
  25. Xftp FIX: Duplicate folder unable to be transferred over even after renaming
  26. Xftp FIX: Unable to Open via the transfer window
  27. Xftp FIX: Xftp unable call a lower version of Xshell