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软件点评:一款免费的 MKV 编辑器和工具集,配合 Mkvmerge GUI + MKVExtractGUI 完成 MKV 无损剪辑、分割、封装、合并、提取等操作。为确保软件正常解压运行,请下载文件后使用最新 WinRAR 免费版 解压后再运行或安装。如本软件有了新版本,烦请联系我们,我们将及时更新。


MKVToolNix 11.0.0 (32位版) 更新日志

  1. mkvmerge: FLAC reader: added support for handling embedded pictures as attachments. Implements
  2. mkvmerge: MP4 reader: add support for parsing the "COLR" atom and including its values as track headers
  3. MKVToolNix GUI: implemented several built-in actions that can be executed either on special events or once via the "watch jobs" tool
  4. MKVToolNix GUI: multiplex tool: added a new option for what to do after starting to multiplex/adding to the job queue