Teleport Ultra 1.68

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您即将下载的软件是 Teleport Ultra 1.68 (688 KB): 离线浏览利器 - Teleport Ultra 绿色便携版。

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Teleport Ultra 1.68 更新日志:

  1. Added automatic UTF-16 conversion for link-containing files
  2. Fixed bug, some inline styles not rewritten correctly
  3. Fixed bug, CSS imports could be skipped in some cases
  4. Improved script parsing to perform better link identification
  5. Improved server handling, properly resolves content even when server sends wrong MIME type
  6. Improved script parsing to perform better link identification
  7. Improved script parsing to omit common fail expressions in jquery, sizzle, and google analytics
  8. Fixed bug, exported home page could fail to link properly when file extensions are hidden by the OS
  9. Fixed bug, URLs containing both single and double quotes would be rewritten improperly
  10. Fixed bug, charset rewrite could fail to accommodate quoted values on some pages
  11. Improved first-response diagnostic messages for projects that stop before getting files
  12. Improved inline style handling
  13. Fixed bug, some embedded source files (e.g., audio via playlists) were treated as objects rather than resources