Thinstall VS(Thinstall Virtualization Suite)的最新特别版v3.387发布了。Thinstall是一款在国外用的较多的软件虚拟化工具,许多的便携软件都是用Thinstall封装的。

Thinstall可以将软件封装为单文件版(self-contained EXE files),实现软件的零安装,是制作单文件软件和便携软件的必备工具,这是最新的特别版,没有任何功能限制。

Thinstall被Vmware收购后已经改名为North Star,以后更新的Thinstall将会被North Star替代,Thinstall VS的简单使用方法可看这里的一篇文章:VMware ThinApp简明教程

现在Thinstall Virtualization Suite已被更新的VMware ThinApp取代了。

Thinstall Virtualization Suite 3.387 Retail

Thinstall is an Application Virtualization Platform that enables complex software to be delivered as self-contained EXE files which can run instantly with zero installation from any data source. The core of Thinstall VS is the Virtual Operating System, a small light-weight component which is embedded with each Thinstalled application.

Thinstall Virtualization Suite

Key Features
??* Single EXE runs from network or offline desktop
??* Simple to use, package & deploy in minutes
??* No infrastructure changes: deploy with existing systems
??* Runs exclusively in User-mode, no device drivers
??* Application streaming with no client or server required
??* Windows Vista ready – instant migration
??* Runs on Terminal Server and MetaFrame (32bit & 64bit)
??* Isolation of Filesystem & registryeliminates conflicts
??* Upgrade applications while they are still running
??* Sandboxing protects machines against modifications
??* Supports most Windows applications
??* Supports Side-by-Side (SxS) DLL deployments



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