SecureCRT 是一款非常好用的、支持多标签的 SSH 客户端,极大方便了管理多个 SSH 会话。

而 SecureFX 则是一款专业而灵活、支持安全文件传输的 SFTP 客户端,也支持 SCP、SSL 等安全协议、以及传统的 FTP 协议。另外 SecureFX 比 FlashFXP 提供的 SFTP 功能更为全面健壮。

为方便使用,做出 SecureCRT+SecureFX 的整合版,运行 SecureCR 或 SecureFX 后,可以在保持 SSH 对话 Session 的情况下相互调用对方,方便以不同方式管理服务器。

使用说明:已做成绿色便携版,所有的配置保存在 Data 目录中,直接运行 SecureCRTPortable.exe 或 SecureFXPortable.exe 即可。2013/6/14 更新版本为 SecureCRT+SecureFX 7.1.1 Build 264 (32/64位、英文版)。

2012.5.25 修复了私钥无法保存的问题,感谢 fancylinq、xiao_cao、Hisoka-J 等人的反馈。

SecureCRT Portable 中文版:


SecureFX Portable 中文版:


Delivering strong security with SFTP, SCP, and SSL-based protocols, as well as legacy FTP support, SecureFX is the tool you can rely on to finish tough jobs — connecting to many different servers, resuming multi-file transfers, and getting through network proxies and firewalls.

SecureFX + SecureCRT 7.1.1 更新日志:

  1. SecureCRT hung if a script called Screen.CurrentColumn or Screen.CurrentRow before user authentication had completed.
  2. SecureCRT: If a button was given a label that included an ampersand (&), the ampersand was not shown correctly on the button.
  3. SecureCRT: If a button bar was given a name that contained an ampersand (&), the ampersand was dropped.
  4. SecureCRT could take a long time to start if there were a large number of autostart sessions and the tab status indicator option was set to "Background colors".
  5. SecureCRT: If a button bar other than "Default" was selected in the default session, that setting was not honored.
  6. SecureFX could crash when transferring a large number of files into the current directory of the local window.
  7. SecureFX: SFXCL: The "no-subdir" option was not honored when using "/QuickSync".

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