Public DNS Server Tool是一个DNS服务器快速切换工具,其方便之处在于它预置了比较常见的公共DNS服务器,这些开放式DNS服务器能提供更快速、更安全的上网环境,Public DNS Server Tool可以即时刷新DNS缓存、一键切换。

Public DNS Server Tool是一款绿色便携的DNS切换器,解压后直接运行public_dns_tool.exe即可,当前版本Public DNS Server Tool 0.91。

Public DNS Server Tool内置的公共DNS服务器包括:

????Google Public DNS:、
????Norton DNS:、
????OpenDNS Family:、
????Comodo Secure DNS:、
????ScrubIt DNS:、
????DNS Advantage:、

Public DNS Server Tool is a small utility for changing the DNS servers in Windows XP, Vista and 7 on the fly. Some of them are OpenDNS, Google, Norton etc. These DNS servers offer many security and protection layers in addition to being very fast.

Public DNS Server Tool

Even though these public DNS servers are available for everyone's use, setting DNS servers in Windows is not an easy task. Therefore, I have created this little tool Public DNS Servers Tool, using which you can easily set your DNS servers in Windows.

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