Poster Printer即以前的ProPoster,是一款制作海报风格图片的软件,适合制作、打印大尺寸海报、标识、签名等,它支持多种图像格式,能制作最大228.6x312.97cm的大幅海报.

使用起来也非常简单,直接载入图片,然后Poster Printer就会自动分割为必要数量的页面,只要有想像力,就可让其成为独一无二的创造性作品。

已将Poster Printer做成便携版,直接运行PosterPrinterPortable.exe即可,简体中文界面,当前版本Poster Printer 3.01.11。Poster Printer侧重海报打印,而免费的Poster Forge更关注海报图片制作,可以结合使用。

RonyaSoft Poster Printer software is intended for large format poster and banner printing, big size sign and wall photo mural making.

Print a great poster yourself! It could be your favorite picture or digital photo, own artwork or painting, a color banner or advertisement, large table or sheet, giant map or graphics, and what not.


Just use your imagination and prepare for creation. Your friends will be surely impressed by your own poster!

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