Nitro PDF Reader是最近发布的一款免费的多功能PDF阅读器,除标准的PDF阅读功能(阅读、注释、导航、表单)外,Nitro PDF Reader还会自动安装一个Nitro PDF Creator的虚拟打印机,可以轻松制作PDF文件。

Nitro PDF Reader支持从PDF文件中提取文本及图片,这个功能还是还实用的,而且Nitro PDF Reader使用了Ribbon工具栏风格,且以标签方式打开多个PDF文件;详细功能介绍可见善用佳软的文章

出于兴趣制作Nitro PDF Reader绿色版,有兴趣的可以试用下,运行!)NitroPDFReaderPorable.exe选择安装,会自动安装PDF虚拟打印机、PDF文件关联等。PDF阅读器我自己还是会坚守Adobe Reader的,Nuance PDF Reader也不错。

????*??Convert your files to PDF using the Create From File tool above, or just drag them straight into this window.
????*??Use the Highlight tools above to markup text and provide feedback.
????*??Use the Add Notes tool above to place sticky notes anywhere on a page.
????*??Fill in your PDF forms and save them for electronic distribution or archival.

Nitro PDF Reader绿色便携版

????*??Use the Type Text tool to write directly on the pages of your PDF files.
????*??Turn your handwritten signature into a stamp and use it to sign the documents you receive.

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