Dubit的音频来源可以为实时录制、也可以导入wav音频并可随意编辑音频;Dubit 2.0是免费注册软件,我将它做成了单文件便携版。

DubIt is a free audio editing utility that allows you to quickly add voice narration and sound effects to videos and images.

Use DubIt to:
????* Create online training movie clips with voice narration.
????* Annotate images, screen captures and videos with absolutely no typing or image markup tools.
????* Send the videos created by DubIt as an e-mail attachment or put it in a larger video project or on your Web page.

DubIt Portable

Add, modify, or delete the movie soundtrack any number of times. You can extend the length of a video or image to match the length of your soundtrack, and you can optimize extended videos to make the final video file size as small as possible.


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