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FileLocator Pro 是一款专业的文件搜索软件,它内置了多种灵活的搜索规则来快速定位文件,是目前最好用的免索引的全文搜索工具。

FileLocator Pro


  • Significant performance improvements for all content searches but especially Boolean and Whole word expression types.
  • Windows 8.x compatibility improvements.
  • File name truncation options for Contents View and new truncation options for File List View.
  • User selection when multiple versions of Visual Studio installed.
  • Containing text script can now work without Containing text value.
  • Double-click divider to size to max column width.
  • Middle mouse button to close tab.
  • Bug fix: Failed search not clearing results properly.
  • Bug fix: Browse for folder not starting from current path.
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes.